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Instant eNom Domain Name Reseller Account

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Why pay does eNom require a $495 deposit for $8.95 and you do not?
    • As an eNom Technology Partner (ETP) we are authorized to create reseller accounts directly at eNom. Not all resellers are ETPs so be careful when you decide to sign-up under someone.
  • How does the $7.95 prices work?
    • You will receive a $1.00 credit for every .com, .net, and .org that you register, renew, or transfer into your account. We will send rebates to your Paypal account on the 1st and 15th of every month.
  • How come you don't lower my prices to $7.95 vice having a rebate system?
    • During the fall of 2002, eNom stopped the ability to create accounts with varied prices. Under the new reseller policy all new accounts can be no lower than $8.95 unless you pay the required deposit directly to eNom and become an ETP.
  • Why are your ccTLDs lower than other places I have visited?
    • We focus our attention on the 3 major TLDs (.com, .net, & .org) so for all other TLDs and ccTLDs we have dramatically dropped the prices.
  • Can I use eNom's Club Drop service?
    • Yes, all resellers have full access to eNom's domain dropping system.
  • How long will it take for me to begin registering domains?
    • Your account can be up and running in minutes if you choose to initially load your reseller account with your credit card (minimum $100 to be placed in your account).
    • Your reseller account works on an "available balance" system. You must first deposit at least $8.95 into your account and then the cost of each domain you register will be subtracted from the available balance. When your balance becomes low, you must again fill up your account balance. There is no minimum balance but if you choose to "fill up" your account with a credit card or paypal (instead of check, money order or wire transfer) then there is a $100 transaction minimum.
  • Will my prices get raised?
    • We take pride in our reputation therefore we refuse to change resellers accounts.
  • What does a RegistryRocket link look like?
  • Before you sign up with NameZoom or anyone else I encourage you to do your research. Many people offer free $8.95 accounts; however, they may not be an ETP with eNom but posses an old $6.95 reseller sub-account. For example, if they can't offer you .cn domain transfers at $24.95 then they are not an ETP! Don't be fooled, eNom no longer allows the creation of anything less than an $8.95 reseller sub-account.